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We buy the home for you.

We will buy any home you want, lease it back to you and help prepare you for home ownership with credit repair, tax counseling and then sell it to you when you're ready. 

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How It Works

Many people find themselves wishing they could purchase their dream home but can't qualify because of poor credit, low adjusted gross income of self employed write-offs, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or divorce. You can still purchase a home but the path may take a little longer to qualify. This is why we created our program.


We help buyers secure the future purchase of their dream homes buy buying the home for them, leasing it back and helping to resolve their credit issue until they are mortgage ready and can purchase the home from us. 

The Process

Get Prequalified.

Pick out your home.

You sign the lease.

We close the purchase for you.

We walk with you to prepare you to purchase from us. 


1. 20% down towards the purchase

2. Be able to afford the monthly lease payment


“I had such bad credit I thought I would have to wait years to get into the home we wanted. worked with us every step of the way and now we are in the home we want preparing to purchase next year!”

Jerry Bluetone

“I couldn't buy a home because I own my own business and write off a lot of my income. helped us get into our home. Over the next year i'll show more income on my tax returns and be able to buy this house myself.”

Amanda Margott

“This lease option program helped us keep the farm!”

Trisha Fox

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