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Lease option Solution 

Those with damaged credit, no credit history or are self-employed have issues with qualifying for conventional loans that can actually afford. This is why we created the lease option solution. 

This is a program to help people who do not qualify for conventional financing. 

Here is the process:

1. Call us to see if you qualify and set your budget. 

2. Go shopping for the house you want. 

3. We will put it under contract once you sign the lease option contract.


4. Move in, pay your lease payment and treat it as your home. 

5. We will help you get into a position to qualify for your conventional financing. 

6. Once you are ready you buy the house

7. Congratulations you're a home owner!!

Learn more about what a lease option is Here


The Three 

There are three components to our lease option contract. 

1. Down payment (Typically 10-20%)

2. Monthly lease payment (slightly higher than PITI payment)

3. Price of purchase (Dependent on which year you exercise your option to buy)


This is a three year lease option agreement. Meaning you have three years from date of signing to exercise your option to purchase.


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